School Business Affairs December 2018

17 18 20 –20 ANNUAL REPORT APRIL 1, 2017–MARCH 31, 2018 STRATEGIC PARTNERS ASBO International thanks these companies for their support. FINANCIAL HEALTH I RECOGNITION PROGRAMS CERTIFICATION PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT MEMBERSHIP PUBLICATIONS & ADVERTISING CONFERENCES & EXHIBITS OPERATIONS LEGISLATIVE RECOGNITION PROGRAMS CERTIFICATION CORPORATE PARTNERS MEMBERSHIP CONFERENCES & EXHIBITS PUBLICATIONS & ADVERTISING OTHER LEGI SLAT I VE ASBO International engaged in 162 legislative advocacy campaigns during the 2018 fiscal year, further amplifying the school business of ficial’s voice on Capitol Hill. Campaigns addressed education funding, school nutrition, healthcare reform, school infrastructure, school safety, broadband connectivity and student data issues, tax and labor policies, K–12 regulations, and more. THANKS TO YOUR SUPPORT, ASBO INTERNATIONAL… Signed 68 letters. Acted on 52 amendments, bills, and laws. Participated in 28 advocacy events. Collaborated with 28 coalitions and 9 ASBO state affiliates. Shared comments on 9 federal regulations. Published/co-published 46 press statements, 5 reports/papers, 2 websites, and 1 amicus brief. *Total above exceeds 162 because some campaigns involved multiple actions, e.g., signing a letter, endorsing a bill, and collaborating with a coalition.