School Business Affairs January 2019

18 JANUARY 2019 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS P rincipals today agree that child and youth men- tal health is the schools’ number one issue. To help children succeed academically, we must confront the mental health iceberg. I use the term “iceberg” because what we usually see is only the tip of the issues our students face, and unless we deal with that large piece under the surface, mental health issues will continue to plague our classrooms. In New Brunswick, Canada, which has seven school districts (four Anglophone and three Francophone), we took an innovative approach to combating the growing child and youth mental health crisis across the province with a new delivery model called Integrated Service Delivery (ISD). Although the name is not all that excit- ing, the success of the model and the methodology is. The evolution of this framework arose in response to four provincial government reports (all released around 2008) about meeting the needs of students: “Connect- ing the Dots” and “The Ashley Smith Report” from the ombudsman and child and youth advocate; the Responding to the Mental Health Iceberg An innovative approach to addressing the growing child and youth mental health crisis. By Aubrey Kirkpatrick SAFE AND SECURE SCHOOLS AYA IMAGES/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM