School Business Affairs January 2019

2 FOLLOW THE BLUEPRINT AS YOU BUILD YOUR BUDGET DOCUMENT. Use the MBA Criteria Checklist to create an organized document that meets the highest standards in these major sections: I. Executive Summary II. Organizational III. Informational IV. Financial Complete the Executive Summary and one other MBA Criteria Checklist section to ease into full compliance over the course of three years through the Pathway to the MBA program. This route is optional, but it’s a great place to begin! PATHWAY to the Complete the four MBA Criteria Checklist sections to craft a budget document that meets the highest industry standards for school district budgets. 3 ADD THE FINISHING TOUCH BY SUBMITTING YOUR BUDGET FOR AN AWARD! Complete the application and send your budget for review. • Get insight from professional reviewers who can help you make your budget presentation stronger. • Repeat the process each year to improve your communication with your community, stakeholders, and board. SUBMIT F i r s t - t i m e a p p l i c a n t ?