School Business Affairs January 2019

CORE IDEOLOGY – DEFINITION The core ideology describes an organization’s consistent identity that transcends all changes related to its relevant environment. It consists of two elements: core purpose—the organization’s reason for being—and core values—essential and enduring principles that guide the organization. CORE VALUES • Focuses on the member • Advocates for the needs and differences of every child • Commits to absolute integrity, accountability, and transparency • Embraces and respects diversity in all ways • Embraces change, innovation, and data-driven decision making • Encourages involvement, collaboration, and community with association affiliates GOAL 1: Grow and retain membership in ASBO International through relevant membership engagement. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES 1. Evaluate different options for membership categories and models. 2. Increase participation in the affiliate dual membership program. 3. Increase participation on the Global School Business Network. 4. Increase ASBO International Annual Conference & Expo attendance through affiliate and volunteer engagement. 5. Enhance value of membership for professionals who are new to school business as well as for seasoned professionals. 6. Enhance the diversity of members engaged in ASBO International (e.g., geographical, socio-economic, career, and generational). GOAL 2: Enhance ASBO International’s recognition by its members and affiliates as the leading authority for information and influence on national legislative and regulatory issues affecting school business. 1. Maintain legislative information-sharing outlets (e.g., the Global School Business Network, social media, and other communication channels). 2. Establish and communicate a legislative priorities platform/agenda to guide our efforts. 3. Enhance relationships with other educational organizations (AASA, NSBA, NEA, NASSP, NAESP, CCSSO, etc.). 4. Prepare members and affiliates to develop and grow as advocates at the district, state, province, and country levels. GOAL 3: Provide opportunities to enhance the leadership skills of all school business leaders. 1. Elevate core leadership competencies. 2. Identify and advance opportunities to engage members and volunteers on development of content and identification of future needs. 3. Diversify content and delivery of leadership development activities to appeal to a broader audience. Cultivate leadership talent, drawing on experience and success of school business leaders to mentor and grow their own future leaders and become advocates for themselves and the profession. 4. Increase the number of school business officials obtaining and maintaining their SFO Certification while working with affiliates to demonstrate how to align their professional development programs with SFO competencies. CORE PURPOSE To serve as the premier professional association for school business leaders, the financial and operational leaders of school systems. ENVISIONED FUTURE ASBO International is globally recognized, respected, and consulted as the leading authority in the school business profession. ASBO INTERNATIONAL S T R A T E G I C P L A N