School Business Affairs February 2019 SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS | FEBRUARY 2019 17 payment for use of a building is approved for subsequent use of school facilities. If the individual or organization requesting the use of school facilities charges an admission or registration/ enrollment fee, the individual or organization must also conform to the District Guidelines to Conduct Fee-based Programs on School District Property (see pg. 15). The privilege of use may be suspended immediately if there is evidence of misuse of the facilities at any time. The facility usage program has a first-year goal of gen- erating at least $150,000 in revenue. We are on track to meet, and exceed, that goal, and we have plans to con- tinue to grow the program. The expanded program also provides an opportunity to offer additional working hours to members of our custodial staff. Funds generated above the costs of oper- ating the program will be reinvested in our facilities to make them even more desirable for rentals. Ultimately, we believe we can enhance, empower, and engage the community through building usage, making the new Francis Howell School District facility usage program a success. Marvin Thomas-Anderson is facilities usage manager for Francis Howell School District in St. Charles, Missouri. Email: responsible for payment. Periodic payments may be made for activities with multiple dates. Payment must be made online or by check. No group delinquent in We Provide | 877.204.1392 ENROLLMENT SOLUTIONS Increasing Enrollment Declining Enrollment Class Size Reduction Special Program Placement School Consolidation Better Insight into your Community Feeder School Changes Open Enrollment/ School Choice Fiscal and Staffing Planning New Housing Development Attendance Boundary Changes School Overcrowding Grade Configuration Changes WHAT ENROLLMENT CHALLENGES DOES YOUR DISTRICT FACE? Online requests for facility usage are considered on a first- come, first-served basis. School-sponsored events take priority.