School Business Affairs February 2019

It has been a great pleasure to serve on the Certification Commission for the past three years— and the past two as its chair. It has been an invaluable experience that I will always cherish.  As I pass the torch over to Lynn Buch (chair) and Jason Helsen (vice chair), I can’t help but reflect on the commission’s many accomplishments in 2018. CERTIFICATION LOOKING BACK AT 2018: THE CERTIFICATION COMMISSION A SOLID FOUNDATION The year may have gone by quickly, but we were able to build upon a vsolid foundation in a short timeframe and are well on our way to achieving an active SFO count of 500. John Hutchison, MBA, CPA, SFO Chief Financial and Operations Officer, Olathe Public Schools USD 211, Olathe, Kansas JANUARY 7 Introduced an updated SFO Handbook that meets compliance guidelines, contains more helpful tips, and reflects updated SFO℠ processes. 7 Introduced an updated Recertification Guide that contains guidance on recertification procedures, calculation of contact hours, and eligible professional development activities. FEBRUARY 7 Implemented a streamlined application process that included transition to a one-step process and a more user-friendly online user portal. 7 Released consolidated exam forms, which reduced the exam price scheme for candidates. MARCH 7 Released a new Exam Guidebook that introduced guidance for interpreting and reviewing SFO knowledge and skills. 7 Introduced a streamlined recertification process that included transition to a one- step process and a more user-friendly online user portal. APRIL 7 Approved an updated SFO logo and began the SFO trademark registration filing and maintenance process. MAY 7 Introduced the first ASBO affiliate onsite exam administration, which expanded test opportunities and improved convenience for affiliates and candidates. JUNE 7 Introduced a new comprehensive Affiliate Toolkit and updated assessment questions, which provided updated resources and guidance for understanding and implementing a successful SFO review program. SEPTEMBER 7 Recorded the highest number of downloads for certification resources, January–September. Handbook downloads: 500; Exam Guidebook downloads: 639. NOVEMBER 7 Completed an update of the SFO Policies and Procedures Manual that reflects the new certification process and enhanced compliance to accreditation guidelines. 7 Created an Affiliate Memorandum of Understanding to encourage participation in the SFO certification program. We are preparing for a full launch of the MOU in 2019. 2018 CERTIFICATION COMMISSION ACCOMPLISHMENTS