School Business Affairs February 2019

34 FEBRUARY 2019 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS MANAGEMENT BRIEFCASE For example, people waste time and money traveling for meetings when a teleconference would pro- vide the same result. People’s time is wasted when meetings do not start on time or go off track. Producing a report specially for one group when a modification of a report you prepare regularly for another audi- ence would suffice wastes your time and effort. Using Kaizen Here are some suggestions for using kaizen thinking with your team: • Keep a log of processes that seem inefficient. It is often easier to identify these inefficiencies as they occur rather than in brainstorm- ing sessions after the fact. • Once a month, dedicate a portion of your team meeting to discuss- ing areas where there is “waste” and develop solutions. • Develop a timeline for implemen- tation of solutions rather than having people implement changes at will. You will need to strike a balance between making the improvements immediately so The world is constantly changing and the same holds true for public education. Whether you’re driving change or trying to stay ahead, ASBO International is here to support you with information that help you advocate for your students. asbointl org/Legislative | @ASBOUSA | #ASBOcate CHANGE HAPPENS that the issue does not intensify and avoiding change overload. If the changes affect others, be sure to consult them about the new ideas and carefully incorporate their input. • Reward ideas. When employees share their own ideas, it’s an indi- cation that kaizen is at work. At the organizational level, kaizen can be a powerful team approach that engages people at every level. Broad participation can improve morale and satisfaction as much as it improves systems, processes, and outcomes. If you choose to bring kaizen into your workplace, you might be surprised at how big an impact small changes can make, and how the culture of continuous improvement can thrive. Nan Wodarz is an administrator at Valwood School in Hahira, Georgia. Email: . These resources may help you better understand and implement kaizen in your department or district: “Kaizen Gaining the Benefits of Continuous Improvement.” Mind Tools. Available at “Kaizen Principles.” CEOpedia | Management Online. Available at “What is KAIZEN.” Kaizen Institute. Available at what-is-kaizen.html