School Business Affairs March 2019

20 MARCH 2019 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS masters of logistics. This conference is an opportunity to step away from the day-to-day matters of school busi- ness and focus on personal awareness and leadership development. Attendees have an opportunity to look at how their own judgments and beliefs affect decision making, man- agement style, and their ability to cultivate a team atmo- sphere. Actively recognizing that our way of thinking is communicated through our behavior and influences those around us is a common takeaway of the Eagle Institute. “The small groups allowed me to get to know people better—connections formed. I loved the whole thing. Connection to history applicable to today. Wow.” Arizona school business official Zeek Ojeh describes the Eagle Institute as “very specialized. Superior, top- class presenters on cutting-edge and changing trends in leadership, emotional intelligence, and education, geared specifically to top management in school business.” Historical Context In what a 2018 attendee described as a “unique slant” to experiential learning, presenter Jeff McCausland added a pertinent history lesson that allowed participants to deepen their own knowledge of history and to see first- hand what prominent leaders may have been considering when they made critical decisions. A SBO International’s Eagle Institute is a unique gathering of school business leaders and emi- nent leadership experts in a historically sig- nificant setting specifically chosen to illuminate and emphasize lessons of leadership. What makes this conference distinctively valuable for personal and professional enrichment? Past attendees share their perspectives. “The leadership and networking is unmatched.” An Immersive, Small-Group Experience In this distinctive professional development event, a core group of school business leaders spend four days as a cohesive, interactive group. Sharing the full experience, participants engage in in-depth discussions and build lasting connections. The intimate group size and activities are designed for interactive presentations, one-on-one conversations, and relationship building. Regina Robinson, a school business administrator from New Jersey, appreciated the leadership training and “insight into best practices from peers and speakers.” Denny Costerison, executive director of Indiana ASBO, says “It’s a great opportunity for personal growth and to make a great group of friends. You may see someone with whom you shared an Eagle Institute experience 10 years ago at another meeting… and you actually know that person.” Personal Focus The school business leaders who attend the Eagle Insti- tute are experts in their field, innovators of process, and WHAT MAKES THE EAGLE INS Attendees share their thoughts on lasting conne “I get more out of this event to improve my leadership skills than any other event I attend.”