School Business Affairs March 2019

24 MARCH 2019 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS Transitioning to Shared Services— Are You Ready? Sharing common services among districts may be a win-win proposition. By Kevin Dale I f your district is looking for ways to save money or resources, improve communication between districts, and consolidate services, now might be time to con- sider shared services. Shared services are the use of personnel, resources, or facilities by two or more districts or entities to achieve a common goal or outcome, such as more efficient processes or decreased expenses. Because two or more distinct districts and two or more distinct school boards are involved in these partnerships, each district must reach a consensus on the advantages for the district itself, the taxpayers, and the families affected. If the partnership is equally advantageous to each participant, the venture will more likely be successful. MANAGING CHANGE MAX GRIBOEDOV/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM