School Business Affairs March 2019 SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS | MARCH 2019 39 TOOLS AND RESOURCES on teacher shortages between 1989 and 2017 and assert that there are significant differences in teacher shortages by subject area and across states due to “a mismatch between teacher supply and demand.” They offer recommendations for address- ing shortages. Download the full report, pub- lished by Bellwether Education Part- ners, at https://bellwethereducation. org/sites/default/files/Nuance%20 In%20The%20Noise_Bellwether.pdf Public Survey Says The 12th annual Education Next survey of public opinion, admin- istered to more than 4,600 adults in May 2018, uncovered some interesting results regarding the public’s thoughts about education. For example: Teacher salaries. Among those provided with information about average teacher salaries in their state, 49% of the respondents said the teachers should get a pay raise. School spending. Among those provided with information about current spending levels in their local school districts, 47% said that spending should increase. School vouchers. A 54% major- ity of the public supports “wider choice” for public school parents by “allowing them to enroll their children in private schools instead, with government helping to pay the tuition.” African American (56%) and Hispanic (62%) respondents were more in favor of vouchers for low-income families than were whites (35%). Charter schools. After a decline in support in 2017, public support for charter schools climbed by 5 percentage points last year, to 44%, with only 35% opposed. Immigration. Only 30% of respon- dents favored “the federal govern- ment providing additional money to school districts based on the number of immigrant children they serve.” In areas where the propor- tion of foreign-born residents was above the national median, 37% of respondents endorsed the proposal, but that support dropped to 22% among those living in areas with fewer immigrants. Read more about these results a well as public opinion about disci- pline, Common Core, and teachers’ unions in the Winter 2019 online issue of EducationNext . Go to . Coming in April School Business Affairs : Managing People and Culture #ASBOcate for your school district’s needs. SAVE THE DATE! 2019 Legislative Advocacy Conference July 8–10 • Washington, D.C. @ASBOUSA ASBO USA PEER-TO-PEER KNOWLEDGE INFORMATION AND TOOLS LIVE UPDATES #ASBOcate Access legislative information and advocacy tools at