School Business Affairs May 2019

30 MAY 2019 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS SECTION NAME Why Making Time for Professional Development Matters PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT T ime waits for no one. School years roll on. While students and teachers may have the sum- mer to rest, play, reset, and refocus, the school business office is a continuous cycle of budget- ing, planning, executing, and reporting. How you allocate time away from the office—even to sharpen the tools you use to do your job—is a choice you approach with the same cost/benefit considerations you apply to every financial decision. You are your own greatest asset. Taking the time to hone your skills and research new tools, techniques, materials, and services to share with your team has an effect that adds up to more than a day at the office. The ASBO International Annual Conference & Expo combines the finest elements of personal and profes- sional development, networking, and industry service providers to offer four days that will bring lasting value to your school district. Inspiring Perspectives It’s one thing to know how to do your job, and another to develop an understanding of who you are and why you do it. The Annual Conference & Expo keynote speakers offer inspiring new ways to examine and fine- tune personal approaches to work, change, and challenge. This year’s first general session speaker is Ariane de Bonvoisin, author of the bestselling book The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Making Any Change Easier . Ariane writes, coaches, and speaks on issues of personal and professional change, conscious business, happiness and inspiration, and mindful living. She shares principles for recognizing and rewiring patterns of thinking for success in business and in life. Attendees will also hear record-breaking NBA All-Star and team-building expert Mark Eaton share the story of his journey from auto repair to basketball stardom and