School Business Affairs May 2019 SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS | MAY 2019 43 tools and resources Ideas, resources, and tips for school business officials GRGROUP/STOCK.ADOBE.COM Teen Concerns, Next Generation Audits, and Technology Infrastructure Concerns Among Teens Anxiety and depression are prevalent among America’s youth according to a Pew Research Center survey of more than 900 U.S. teens ages 13 to 17, and most see them as major problems among their peers. The survey, conducted in fall 2018, revealed that 70% of respondents believe anxiety and depression are problems among teens in their community; 55% cited bully- ing as a problem and 51% identified drug addiction. Other results include: • A majority of teens (61%) say they feel a lot of pressure to get good grades. • Almost a third say they feel a great deal of pressure to look good (29%) and to fit in socially (28%). • While about half of teens see drug addic- tion and alcohol consumption as major problems among people their age, only a small percentage say they personally feel a lot of pressure to use drugs (4%) or to drink alcohol (6%). • Almost 60% say they plan to attend a four-year college after they finish high school; these teens are more likely than those who have other plans to say they face a lot of pressure to get good grades. • Girls are more likely to say they regularly get excited about something they study at school; 33% of girls say this happens every day or almost every day, versus 21% of boys. Download the full report at www. s-teens-see-anxiety-and-depression-as-a- major-problem-among-their-peers Advanced Technology and Audits The next generation of finance leaders will be tasked with comprehending and imple- menting a wealth of transformational tech- nologies, according to “Next Generation Audit,” a report published by Forbes Insights in collaboration with KPMG. Key findings of the survey of 250 corpo- rate finance leaders under 40 include: • 94% feel advanced technologies promote the quality of their audit. • 74% say external auditors use advanced technology in their audit. • 67% say advanced technologies such as workflow automation, visualization technology, and artificial intelligence are essential for business today or will be within the next two years. • 41% believe not having enough data is the biggest challenge in advancing tech- nology implementation; 31% cite not being able to effectively access data as the biggest hurdle. Learn more by downloading the full report at our-work/next-generation-audit The State of Infrastructure “CoSN’s 2018–2019 Annual Infrastructure Report” highlights the challenges and prog- ress of U.S. K–12 schools in increasing broad- band and Wi-Fi connectivity. Results of the survey of school administrators and technol- ogy directors shed a generally positive light. A majority of respondents (69%) report they are very confident in their network’s ability to support Wi-Fi at school and 92% say broadband availability in their class- rooms is meeting the FCC short-term goal of 100 Mbps per 1,000 students for all their schools. Still, not all schools have broadband— especially in rural areas—and fewer than 10% of districts report that every student has access to non-shared devices at home, so the homework gap persists. Download the full report at https://cosn. org/infrastructure.