School Business Affairs May 2019

publisher’s message 6 MAY 2019 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS BUILDING YOUR CASE As I reviewed this issue’s articles about forecasting and planning, I couldn’t help but think about how important the ASBO International Annual Conference & Expo is to the forecasting and planning pro- cesses of school business officials. The conference features sessions on topics that SBOs and their dis- tricts grapple with now and that they anticipate facing in the future. Participants take home strategies and informa- tion that help them forecast future needs and make plans to meet those needs. Making the case for time off and support for travel and expenses to attend ASBO International’s Annual Confer- ence & Expo requires a solid understanding of the poten- tial benefits to your school district, your superintendent/ supervisor, your colleagues, and your community. You need to be able to communicate those benefits clearly— especially in times of tight budgets and reduced staff. The team at ASBO HQ created a tool we hope you will find useful: A Build Your Case document that we’ve included as an insert in this issue of School Business Affairs . The document takes you through the steps of garner- ing support for your attendance, beginning with identi- fying critical issues and challenges your school district currently faces and what strategies and projects you are trying to implement. You then step back and look at the critical role the SBO has in the implementation of those strategies, how the SBO can assist and support the needs of the school district, and what professional development offerings at the conference would be valuable. The document also helps you create a letter to your supervisor identifying the value attending the conference will bring to you and your school district. Build Your Case is a useful tool for you to complete even if you do it only for yourself. Identify what you want to get out of attending the conference and plan for how you will achieve it—there you go: forecasting and planning! I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the Annual Conference & Expo this year in National Harbor, Maryland, October 25–28. You can find more informa- tion, including the professional development sessions and networking events, at — Siobhán McMahon, CAE Colophon: During production of this issue, Siobhán loved taking her oldest daughter to a Lennon Stella concert and ventured out for a spring shopping trip with teenage girls; Pat took a road trip to Roanoke, VA; and Laura planted lettuce and sugar snap peas. School Business Afairs May 2019 | Volume 85, Number 5 SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS (ISSN 0036-651X) is the professional journal of the Association of School Business Officials International and is published monthly by the association. Periodical postage paid at Herndon, Virginia, and additional mailing of­fces. Postmaster: Send address corrections to School Business Affairs , 44790 Maynard Square, Suite 200, Ashburn, VA 20147; 703.478.0405 2019 BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT — Tom Wohlleber, CSRM VICE PRESIDENT — Claire Hertz, CSBA, SFO IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT — Charles E. Peterson Jr., MBA, PRSBA, SFO DIRECTORS Michael Johnston Angela Von Essen, MBA, CSBA Marvin Dereef, Jr., SFO Bill Sutter, SFO Susan Harkin John Hutchison, CPA, MBA, SFO EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR — David J. Lewis PUBLICATIONS POLICY The materials published in each issue represent the ideas, beliefs, or opinions of those who write them and are not necessarily the views or policies of the Association of School Business Officials International. Material that appears in School Business Affairs may not be reproduced in any manner without written permission. EDITORIAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE CHAIR — David Bein, SFO VICE CHAIR — Matthew M. Lentz, MPA, RSBA, PRSBA, SFO Karen Starr, Ph.D. Brian Brent, Ph.D., CPA Stan Wisler, PRSBA Paul Bobek, CPA Louis Pepe, MBA, RSBA Leslie Peterson, MBA Cindy Reilmann, CPA, CGFM BOARD LIAISON — Claire Hertz, CSBA, SFO EDITORIAL STAFF PUBLICATIONS DIRECTOR — Siobhán McMahon, CAE EDITOR — Patricia George DESIGN — Laura Carter Carter Publishing Studio EDITORIAL OFFICES 44790 Maynard Square, Suite 200, Ashburn, VA 20147 Phone: 703.478.0405 Fax: 703.478.0205 Home Page: Email: ADVERTISING INFORMATION The YGS Group 3650 W. Market St., York, PA 17404 Phone: 717.430.2351 • Fax: 717.825.2171 Laura Gaenzle SUBSCRIPTION RATE S eventy dollars of ASBO members’ annual dues are designated for School Business Affairs subscription. © 2019, ASBO International