School Business Affairs June 2019 SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS | JUNE 2019 13 audience may consider the “amateur” cell phone video of a district event more believable than a professionally produced video. Professional videos are engaging and have a place in social media, but don’t be afraid to use cellphone-recorded videos—as long as they are clear and support the story. Streaming live events provides a level of authenticity as well. Stream video of presentations on ballot issues, budget presentations, or boundary changes. Be real, hon- est, and authentic. When people see content from the district, they should immediately recognize the “brand” and know the content’s source. Building Community People have entrusted schools with not only their money, but also their children. Social media shows them how districts are using their money and supporting their children. By telling them what you do and then showing them, you will build a school community based on trust. Zac Rantz is chief communication officer and safety coordina- tor for Nixa Public Schools in Nixa, Missouri. Email: zacrantz@ Danielle McGuire is communication specialist for Nixa Public Schools. Email: Nixa Public Schools social media posts combine text and visuals to tell a story. Coming in July/August School Business Affairs : Meet the ASBO International Board of Directors Candidates