School Business Affairs June 2019

20 JUNE 2019 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS calendar) allows you to honestly communicate when you might be able to act on a new request. “Given my current work load, I could respond/act on your request a week from Friday” OR “Given my current work load, I can’t realistically see an opportunity to fit that on the sched- ule in the foreseeable future.” 3. K no w your Team Understanding the capacities of your colleagues will allow you to effec- tively delegate, include, or seek sup- port from others. 4. No Apology An honest “No” is a service to your colleagues and the company. You don’t have to be sorry for maintain- ing your focus and doing your job to the best of your ability. Maintaining commitment to your own intentions prevents burnout and promotes job satisfaction. Furthermore, having clarity and setting boundaries are leadership skills that set an example for your peers and empower you to do what you say you will do, mak- ing you a more reliable colleague. 5. Just “ No ” It is a complete sentence. Whether you say it out loud (“Will you chair the committee?”“No.”) or whether you say it to yourself (“Do I have to stand here and listen to the details of last night’s softball game?”“No.”), sometimes no further explanation is needed. Saying “No” in any of these ways provides honest communication to whoever is making the request or demand. Your “No” may be the beginning of a conversation, not the end, as your colleague may push back—but that is fine. Open dialogue is a productive part of office interactions, and it is natural for there to be negotiations as part of interactions. But recognizing that “No” is an option gives you one more tool to help maintain your commit- ment to the work you have scheduled. Give No a try! Porter Knight is a presenter, life-chang- ing consultant, and author of the book/ DVD Organized to Last: 5 Simple Steps to Staying Organized . Productivity Ver- mont specializes in teaching workplace productivity through workshops and seminars as well as one-on-one consult- ing. More information at www.produc- © 2011 Porter Knight, Productivity Vermont INDE X OF ADVERT I SERS American Fidelity Assurance Company . back cover Decision Insite . page 17 Harris School Solutions . inside front cover School Outfitters . page 3 Security Benefit. page 18 The truth is that every “Yes” to someone else is actually a “No” to whatever you had previously planned. PETZSHADOW/STOCK.ADOBE.COM