School Business Affairs July-August 2019

22 JULY/AUGUST 2019 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS Building Relationships Positive and respectful relationships are the foundation for safe and inviting school environments. When com- munication is open and students feel respected, they are more likely to open up, giving teachers an opportunity to identify the early warning signs of potentially aggres- sive behaviors. Understanding why and how students become stressed, emotional, or traumatized, and teaching them how to deal with those feelings, are important aspects of crisis interaction. In relationship-based crisis interaction, both parties communicate through the problem-solving process. Educators learn and develop an understanding of the causes of behavioral problems, learn to manage their own response to student behavior, and help stu- dents recognize and manage their response. Putting these skills into practice can prevent poten- tially dangerous circumstances and reduce the need for physical responses and restraint techniques, which can aggravate the situation if employed improperly. Creating a Positive Culture Training that focuses on identifying the causes of stress and preventing incidents reduces the number of violent situations at schools and creates a constructive learning environment that benefits both students and staff. One relationship-based crisis interaction training system used in several Texas school districts resulted in a restraint rate that was 84% lower than the statewide average for schools. The foundation of relationship-based crisis interaction is that all people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Through positive, constructive, people-first techniques, educators can create classroom environments that focus less on negative behavior and overuse of phys- ical restraint, and more on supporting and encouraging students to embrace their full potential. Simon Kemp is the CEO of the Mandt System Inc., based in Richardson, Texas. Email: INDE X OF ADVERT I SERS American Fidelity Assurance Company . back cover AXA. inside back cover Centerpoint Energy. page 23 Decision Insite . page 11 Harris School Solutions . page 3 Security Benefit. page 15 United HealthCare Services. inside front cover Virco, Inc. page 19 Access thousands of school business officials around the world via ASBO International’s Global School Business Network. Librar ies ful l of • recorded education sessions • webinars • templates • examples • publication archives • and more! Blogs targeted to your interests Real - t ime answers to your quest ions LOG IN TODAY!