School Business Affairs July-August 2019

32 JULY/AUGUST 2019 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS FACILITIES and level of violent behavior. Security cameras can simply push misbehavior to other locations and in some instances may even result in negative behavior by attention seekers. Softening. “Softening” or “tem- pering” means creating an environ- ment where students respect and care for one another. It also means promoting positive relationships between staff members and students. Fostering positive relationships between student groups as well as teachers is pivotal when it comes to safety. Consequently, personnel who are trained in crisis identification, action, and management should be stationed near student areas, such as commons, cafeterias, or libraries. Research showing the positive mental and physical effects of bio- philia is mounting. Biophilia suggests that people have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature. With respect to CPTED, biophilia is about integrating natural materials, views of nature, vegetation, daylight, and other elements of the natural world into buildings to create a more positive environment. A combination of hardening and softening is an appropriate strat- egy—it’s important not to swing the pendulum too far in either direction. Professional Collaboration Choose a qualified leader to spear- head your security and safety solu- tions. Invite security professionals, school district personnel, product representatives, architects, commu- nity representatives, contractors, and representatives from local govern- ment, civil defense, and the fire and police departments to work together for creative solutions. Involve as many team members as practical and be sure to incorporate administrative and policy requirements. Additionally, keep everyone up- to-date through resources from the American Institute of Architects. The AIA regularly updates school design guidelines and provides material to make safe school design eligible for federal grants. The association also provides a clearinghouse for best practices in educational design. With a comprehensive approach and a guiding coalition, you can cre- ate the most effective and efficient avenue to providing a safe environ- ment for your students, faculty, and staff. Jody Andres is a senior project architect and the K–12 market leader at Hoffman Planning, Design & Construction, Inc. Email: Visitors should ideally be required to pass through a reception area for clearance before being allowed to enter the rest of the school building.