School Business Affairs July-August 2019

publisher’s message 6 JULY/AUGUST 2019 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS DEFINING WELLNESS Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to a timely ASBO Interna- tional webinar: The Eternal Search for Work-Life Harmony featuring Jeff Feyerer, CSBO of Fairview School District 72, Skokie, Illinois. Jeff, who authored an SBA article on the topic for the April issue, cov- ered the truths and myths of work- life balance, which is a constant struggle of mine, so I was taking notes. I also took notes as I reviewed the articles in this issue, which focuses on the topic of wellness. It’s a broad sub- ject and our authors cover many of the facets of what wellness means. In this issue you will: • Learn how a Minnesota school district took the pas- sion of their director of nutritional services and imple- mented a school food program that emphasizes fresh, nutritional scratch-cooking. • Follow the journey of Missouri’s City of St. Charles School District as it established a site-based clinic to promote wellness and save the district and its employ- ees money. • Address the rising cost of healthcare through a strategy for “Finding a Healthcare Budget Stabilizer.” • Explore how relationship building and good com- munication are essential to preventing school violence before it starts. • Learn how your IT personnel can prepare for a crisis. Other articles this month focus on safe schools through environmental design, multitasking, defamation, and autogas bus transportation. Please get to know Mark DeBoer in our member spot- light and read how he has utilized ASBO International in his career. As for me, I’m writing this column on the first day of my summer vacation—maybe I need to log in and lis- ten to the webinar on work-life balance again. (All our webinars are archived in their own library on our Global School Business Network—check them out.) Colophon: During production of this issue, Siobhán celebrated her puppy graduating puppy class and survived her first roller coaster in many many years, Pat wondered why she planted such a big garden, and Laura met up with with relatives found through a genealogy and DNA testing site. School Business Afairs July/August 2019 | Volume 85, Number 7 SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS (ISSN 0036-651X) is the professional journal of the Association of School Business Officials International and is published monthly by the association. Periodical postage paid at Herndon, Virginia, and additional mailing of­fces. Postmaster: Send address corrections to School Business Affairs , 44790 Maynard Square, Suite 200, Ashburn, VA 20147; 703.478.0405 2019 BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT — Tom Wohlleber, CSRM VICE PRESIDENT — Claire Hertz, CSBA, SFO IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT — Charles E. Peterson Jr., MBA, PRSBA, SFO DIRECTORS Michael Johnston Angela Von Essen, MBA, CSBA Marvin Dereef, Jr., SFO Bill Sutter, SFO Susan Harkin John Hutchison, CPA, MBA, SFO EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR — David J. Lewis PUBLICATIONS POLICY The materials published in each issue represent the ideas, beliefs, or opinions of those who write them and are not necessarily the views or policies of the Association of School Business Officials International. Material that appears in School Business Affairs may not be reproduced in any manner without written permission. EDITORIAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE CHAIR — David Bein, SFO VICE CHAIR — Matthew M. Lentz, MPA, RSBA, PRSBA, SFO Karen Starr, Ph.D. Brian Brent, Ph.D., CPA Stan Wisler, PRSBA Paul Bobek, CPA Louis Pepe, MBA, RSBA Leslie Peterson, MBA Cindy Reilmann, CPA, CGFM BOARD LIAISON — Claire Hertz, CSBA, SFO EDITORIAL STAFF PUBLICATIONS DIRECTOR — Siobhán McMahon, CAE EDITOR — Patricia George DESIGN — Laura Carter Carter Publishing Studio EDITORIAL OFFICES 44790 Maynard Square, Suite 200, Ashburn, VA 20147 Phone: 703.478.0405 Fax: 703.478.0205 Home Page: Email: ADVERTISING INFORMATION The YGS Group 3650 W. Market St., York, PA 17404 Phone: 717.430.2351 • Fax: 717.825.2171 Laura Gaenzle SUBSCRIPTION RATE S eventy dollars of ASBO members’ annual dues are designated for School Business Affairs subscription. © 2019, ASBO International