School Business Affairs September 2019

RESOURCE LIBRARIES. DON’T REINVENT THE WHEEL. When you’re in need of sample RFPs, job descriptions, or policies and procedures, start in the Library instead of starting from scratch. Your peers may have already shared exactly what you’re looking for. Search by keyword and then follow up with the individual who shared if you have any questions. Return the favor by uploading documents of your own, either directly to a community library or as an attachment to your post/reply. PARTICIPATE COMMUNITIES LIBRARIES DIRECTORY ASBOINTL.ORG BROWSE LIBRARIES SBA SBL SBM and More UPCOMING WEBINARS Webinars are a free benefit for school business officials who have an ASBO International Professional Membership! Take advantage of this opportunity to stay current on hot topics from the convenience of your computer. Check out the upcoming webinar schedule. Now Earn CPE/SFO credits for attending! AC&E Session Recordings Webinar Recordings LOG IN NOW! Questions? Email . READY TO DIVE IN?