School Business Affairs November 2019 SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS | NOVEMBER 2019 35 MANAGEMENT BRIEFCASE case to turn on the interpretation of an emoji, it’s worth considering. In Schools Banning the use of emoji in school- based correspondence is unlikely; however, schools can take some actions to mitigate potential issues: • Educate employees about the potential liability of using emoji in emails and text messages— especially between supervisors and staff members and between staff members and students. • Establish policies related to emoji use. Policies should be consistent with district social media use and codes of conduct and should ensure that communication not reflect poorly on the individual or the district. Presently, no court guidelines exist on how to manage and inter- pret emoji in communication. Some researchers believe that expert wit- nesses in future court cases will emerge and provide opinions on the use of emoji. As judges become more familiar with this form of commu- nication, they will determine how best to adapt existing legal prin- ciples to them. For now, schools should consider updating their policies and providing training to their employees related to the ambiguity, alternate renderings on different platforms, and cultural interpretations of emoji.  Nan Wodarz is an administrator at Sant Bani School in Sanbornton, New Hamp- shire. Email: This is what the “grinning face with smiling eyes” emoji looks like on devices for each of these platforms: The difference between the gun emoji on two versions of the same Samsung platform is startling--and can be significant. Samsung Samsung Experience 8.5 Experience 9.0 THESE ARE ALL THE SAME EMOJI! #ASBOcate for your school district’s needs. SAVE THE DATE! Legislative Advocacy Conference July 7–9, 2020 • Washington, D.C. U S A @ASBOUSA ASBO USA PEER-TO-PEER KNOWLEDGE INFORMATION AND TOOLS LIVE UPDATES #ASBOcate Access legislative information and advocacy tools at . U S A