School Business Affairs November 2019

COMPETENCE A primary function of ASBO International is to define competence and professionalism in the field of school business management, including the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform effectively in the field of school finance and operations. Competence should reflect all recognized areas of direct responsibility, including the educational enterprise; financial resource management; human resource management; facility management; property and acquisition management; and ancillary services such as risk management, transportation, and food service. THE SCHOOL SYSTEM Ensures the district has or will hire the most-qualified applicants in the field of school business management based on their ability to complete tasks while staying abreast of issues in the field. THE PROFESSION Sets high standards for effective school business management by using valid assessment tools to evaluate knowledge and skill. THE COMMUNITY Establishes qualifications for the appropriate management of school system funds, which increases protection for taxpayers’ money.