School Business Affairs November 2019

WHAT ARE THE 5 DEFINING VALUES ? Based on original research by ASBO International, these five ideals define what it means to be a school business official, aligning each value with the ASBO International Code of Ethics and the ASBO International Code of Professional Standards. INTEGRITY The core character trait that creates the pulse for each of the other values; the mark of an honest employee, a fair leader, and a transparent asset manager. RESPONSIBILITY Making decisions that ensure the safety and security of students and teachers; ensuring effective cost- containment strategies are realized. PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL GROWTH The source of a perpetually fresh outlook, which ensures the highest quality of management and the most innovative way to meet students’ needs. ACCOUNTABILITY Trusting that others will sometimes question school business decisions and having clear answers when those questions are asked. COMPETENCE The ability for school business officials to work at the highest level of specialized knowledge and skills so they can make the wisest, most effective decisions.