School Business Affairs November 2019 SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS | NOVEMBER 2019 5 A s key players in the education business, school business leaders must model life-long learning and growth for their staff and students. Given the diversity of functions for which school business officials are responsible and the continuum of change that they face, it is unlikely that each is an expert in every area they oversee or situation they encounter. Still, it is essential for each of us to have a basic understanding of all aspects of school busi- ness—even in those areas for which we are not directly responsible. For example, although we are not classroom teachers, we must invest time associating with our curriculum and instruction colleagues to gain insight into their efforts to improve student achievement and provide challenging opportunities for students. We must engage with students, teachers, support staff, and school leaders to build stronger, more trust- ing relationships and to learn from them—the end-users—about the effectiveness of the pro- cesses, procedures, and systems we establish and oversee. As you step outside of what may be your comfort level, what is in your “toolkit” of resources to grow or expand your knowledge of areas that are not necessarily within your wheelhouse of expertise? Equally important, how do you stay up to speed regarding the myriad aspects of your job? Be reflective, open-minded, and creative in building your toolkit of resources and capacity for learning. You may already have on your staff, in your school district, or around your community those with the knowledge and expertise you seek. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn. Shadow a colleague out- side school business, shadow a school business colleague in another district, substitute in a classroom, ride along on a school bus route, serve as principal for a day. ASBO International and its affiliates are dedicated to supporting the professional growth of members through exceptional programs and services that are often member- developed and delivered. During the past two years the association has developed its webinar series, which typically features presentations by school business officials, and expanded member participation on the Global School Business Network and within its annual con- ference programming committee. Those of you who attended the 2019 Annual Conference & Expo had myriad opportuni- ties to add knowledge and resources to your toolkits and contribute your own expertise to your colleagues’ collection of resources. Here are some other ways that you can share your knowledge, expertise, and skills: • Serve as a mentor to someone new to our profession. • Present at an ASBO affiliate or ASBO Inter- national seminar or conference. • Write an article for your ASBO affiliate newsletter or School Business Affairs. • Develop a webinar for your ASBO affiliate or ASBO International. • Share a best practice or solution to an issue on the Global School Business Network. • Lead or facilitate an SFO study group. • Apply for the ASBO Pinnacle Award or ASBO affiliate equivalent. • Serve on a committee or commission for your ASBO affiliate or ASBO International. We can make a difference by making profes- sional and personal growth a priority for our staff, our school business official colleagues, and ourselves. Don’t keep your knowledge and skills to yourself—reach out to ASBO Interna- tional and your ASBO affiliate to learn more about how you can contribute to the global school business toolkit. What’s in Your Toolkit? By Tom Wohlleber, CSRM president’s message Tom Wohlleber Chief Financial Officer Casa Grande (Arizona) Elementary School District Charles E. Peterson, Jr. MBA, PRSBA, SFO Immediate Past President Marvin Dereef Jr., SFO Director through 2020 Bill Sutter, SFO Director through 2020 Michael Johnston Director through 2019 Angela Von Essen Director through 2019 2019 Board of Directors WORKING TOGETHER to ma ke a difference Claire Hertz, CSBA, SFO Vice President Susan Harkin, SFO Director through 2021 John Hutchison, CPA, SFO Director through 2021 David J. Lewis Executive Director