School Business Affairs December 2019

16 DECEMBER 2019 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS SCHOOLS & SUSTAINABILITY Promoting Next-Generation Sustainability Educating students about sustainability requires commitment and funding. By Richard Weeks, RSBA S tudents have studied the wonders of our planet for generations. Today, they are learning how to sustain our planet for the generations who follow. Although sustainability can be taught across K–12 curriculum, in many districts, it is the science teachers who take the lead—even on such controversial top- ics as climate change. A 2019 poll by National Public Radio/Ipsos asked, “Should climate change be taught in schools?”A resounding 82% of parents responded “Yes.”Yet in the same poll, only 42% of responding teachers said they are finding ways to address climate change in the classroom; 17% said they have neither the knowledge nor the educational materials required to teach the subject. Evolving Standards Today’s dynamic science classrooms capable of promot- ing sustainability are a far cry from the past scenario of teachers lecturing students about science topics. Today’s students do science as teachers encourage collaboration GOODLUZ/STOCK.ADOBE.COM