School Business Affairs December 2019

school business officials held the Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations ® (SFO ® ) credential as of March 31, 2019. SFO exams were administered on site at the 2018 Annual Meeting & Expo in Kissimmee, Florida. 2018 was the first time the consolidated exam was administered during the conference. :: ASBO INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS 4,133 Dues-Paying Members 6,224 Affiliate Members ASBO International members ensure that education resources are used efficiently and effectively to optimize learning for every student. Using best practices in business management, they allocate funds to make the most resourceful decisions, managing everything from procuring 1:1 technology to identifying more efficient fuels that save on transportation costs. DUAL & AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP GROWTH 20 ASBO af filiates participated in Dual Membership. 915 individuals joined or renewed membership in ASBO International through this program. 13 states, provinces, and countries participated in Af filiate Membership. 6,224 individuals had access to the Global School Business Network. 248 individuals upgraded to ASBO International Professional Membership. 394 160 school districts participated in the Meritorious Budget Award and Pathway to the MBA programs for FY2018–2019. 569 school districts participated in the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting program for their FYE2018. 4 individuals from Olathe, Kansas; Chesterfield, Missouri; Waterford, Michigan; and Coppell, Texas, were honored for their leadership and achievement in school business with a 2018 Eagle Award. 4 Pinnacle Award recipients, selected for their innovative solutions to everyday challenges, represented districts in Frederick, Maryland; Upper Arlington, Ohio; Evanston, Wyoming; and New Palestine, Indiana. 18 rising leaders in school business were awarded the Emerging School Business Leaders Scholarship, providing them with the opportunity to attend ASBO International’s 2018 Annual Meeting & Expo in Kissimmee, Florida. MEMBER RECOGNITION MEETINGS & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT All participants said they ’d recommend the event to their colleagues af ter attending the sold-out 2018 Eagle Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 4 top-notch leadership development sessions were delivered to 239 school business professionals at the 2019 Executive Leadership Forum in San Diego, California. Launched new e-learning initiative running 6 webinars from August to March. :: :: :: 10 The total number of SFOs increased 20% over the prior year. 10/10 2018 Annual Meeting & Expo in Kissimmee, Fl. CERTIFICATION 741 school business officials from around the world chose from 99 education sessions. 13 25-minute mini- modules were added to the education offerings to provide a high- level overview of hot topics. 159 companies and organizations showcased their products and services.