School Business Affairs January 2020

Refer to the General Requirements as you build your submission to ensure it includes complete identifying information, a table of contents, and any documents from previous submissions, and is organized and formatted appropriately. Use this tool as a navigation system toward presenting a thorough, accurate, reader-friendly budget for FY 2020-2021. TAKE THE PATHWAY TO BUDGET PRESENTATION Excellence AND COMMUNITY TRUST. Receive valuable feedback from professional reviewers and enrich your budget presentation. Submit the Executive Summary and a different section next year, and the full application for the Meritorious Budget Award the third year. Organizational Section Information about the district’s legal and financial standing, governance, mission and goals, and budget process. Financial Section Revenues and expenditures, significant trends and initiatives, financial and demographic changes, budget forecast, capital projects, and debt obligation. Informational Section Student enrollment trends and forecast, tax base and rate trends, changes in personnel, information on budget, student achievement, and other performance measures. In addition to the Executive Summary, Pathway applicants choose one of the following sections to submit. Prepare an Executive Summary that presents a comprehensive financial overview of the school district, including summaries of the following three sections: THE MBA CRITERIA CHECKLIST is your detailed roadmap, listing all information required for submission. Tips to prepare a Better MBA Budget Submission Let these resources guide you toward creating an accurate, reader-friendly budget that shows the community how district dollars will be used. VIDEOS that explain the application process and each required section. EXAMPLES of award-winning budget documents from districts of varied sizes. Basic guidelines and Q & A insights from an experienced MBA budget reviewer also can be found on the MBA resources webpage.