School Business Affairs February 2020 SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS | FEBRUARY 2020 17 security, but also recognize that safe schools are not just the responsibility of central office or building leaders; they are a shared responsibility that goes beyond the school day and involves all stakeholders. Additionally, this model is flexible; it can be reviewed and adapted on the basis of improvements to best prac- tices or input and feedback for enhanced security. For example, based on feedback, the model was modified during the second year of implementation to clarify the role of security volunteers and to enhance measures for sight and safety in buildings. Keys to Success Each district’s safe schools model should reflect its indi- vidual needs and align with district goals and objectives. Recognizing use patterns and undergoing a risk assess- ment are just two of the critical steps in establishing a safe schools model. Communication is also key to ensuring that internal and external stakeholders are on board and understand the measures that have been developed and are being used. Follow-up surveys can assess progress. Five years into Upper Moreland’s enhanced security model, internal stakeholders believe the district’s buildings are safer and staff members are better informed about the risks and the actions employed to mitigate them. Matthew Lentz is the chief financial officer/board secretary for the Upper Moreland School District in Willow Grove, Pennsyl- vania. Email: This safe schools model is not static; it is built into the district’s daily operating structure. INDE X OF ADVERT I SERS 2020 Annual Conference & Expo Drawing . page 1 2020 Annual Conference & Expo Save the Date. page 38 2020 Eagle Institute . page 17 American Fidelity Assurance Company. back cover ASBO International Webinars. page 3 Eagle Award . page 31 Emerging Leaders Scholarship. inside back cover Public School Week . inside front cover School Business Minute. page 41 REGISTRATION OPENS JANUARY 6 EAGLE INSTITUTE Québec City, Canada JULY 14–17, 2020 PROUD SPONSOR Join an immersive leadership discovery through creating moments that matter, equitable environments, leader culture, and more.