School Business Affairs February 2020

Learn more about Kendra Sandquist’s school business story at We believe our individual members and the connections they form are the strength of ASBO International. MEET THE MEMBER Get to Know Kendra Sandquist, SFO Business Manager McLaughlin School District 15-2 McLaughlin, South Dakota Advice for colleagues: In the words of her son’s wrestling coach, “NO QUIT.” Embrace change because change means progress. Favorite benefit of membership: Continuing professional development from the comfort of her office, especially webinars and emailed resources. Loved playing school and office as a child; never dreamed it would lead to school business. Credits membership in ASBO International for helping her realize the importance of championing her staff and herself . “It was initially just another membership I thought I was supposed to have as a school business manager. I had no clue about the amazing opportunities the membership provided, the professional development events, and ongoing support at a national and international level.” “ Earning the SFO validated my commitment to the district and the profession of school business. It showed my community and my school that this is not just a job to me. This is my career, an intentional choice, and I am thankful and blessed to serve my district.