School Business Affairs February 2020

The SFO JOURNEY is as valuable as the DESIGNATION “ I decided to earn my SFO for my own professional development. It has been valuable to me as a school business official since I am on the operational side more than the finance side. It gives me some credibility with the finance side, and my stakeholders and district know I’ve got a qualification that’s valued nationwide.” Mark Wilsey, SFO, Operations Services Officer, Harrison School District 2, Colorado Springs, CO., SFO since 2017 “ It confirms what you know. It also confirms what you don’t know. In this way you are able to brush up on those skills to become the awesome school business official your district deserves. It became a collective journey when I met with my management team and we made a decision that all 10 of us wanted to earn the SFO. We contacted ASBO International and created a study group. It was a collective effort and we are grateful.” LaShahn Gaines, CPA, CPM, VSBO, SFO, Chief Financial Officer Spotsylvania County Schools, VA, SFO since 2018 “ This is not just finance. It’s school finance. I am a CPA, but the SFO gives me a little bit more credibility and shows that I’m well-rounded in the school finance and operations pieces. It shows the superintendent and other administrators and the school board that I’ve really put forth the effort to learn and I do know different areas and aspects of the whole operational side of school business. It just shows we’re well-rounded.” Katie Miano, CPA, SFO, Director of Finance Montgomery County Public Schools, Christiansburg, VA TRAIN WITH SUPPORT Making use of these resources not only will prepare you for the exam, but also can help you fill knowledge gaps, maximize work performance, or fine-tune your career path. The SFO Exam Guidebook is a detailed outline of the domains of study covered on the exam, representing the core knowledge and skill areas required for school finance operations. 11 Skills Refresher Videos and Assessment Questions address each area of the exam. Professional Skills Assessment identifies your strengths and areas for professional growth. ASBO International’s Professional Standards and Code of Ethics provides guiding principles for the school business profession and education management. Study Groups with members of your state or province ASBO affiliate create a network of experience, wisdom, and encouragement. READY? SET... PLAN TO ACHIEVE SFO STATUS IN 2020. SFO! Get on the track to strengthen your existing skills, broaden your knowledge, and prove your qualification for the most prestigious credential in school business.