School Business Affairs May 2020

16 MAY 2020 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS LEADING & MANAGING CHANGE Moving to a Four-Day School Week Leading a transition to improve student achievement. By Gregg Klinginsmith, Ed.D. T his school year, the Warren County R-III School District—located 50 miles west of St. Louis, Missouri—joined the growing four-day school week movement. With approximately 3,000 students, Warren County R-III is the largest school dis- trict in the state to make this transition. Our move to the four-day school week stemmed from research into three issues in the district: high teacher turnover, low student attendance, and the need to improve district finances. As we researched strategies to address these three issues, we noted that the four-day work week checked several of the boxes. Researching What Works Student learning was always at the forefront of our research; we did not want to make a decision that could negatively affect our students’ education. A correlation study of Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) scores to attributes of an academically high-performing school district revealed several high correlations for the past several years: • The percentage of students on free or reduced-price lunch (the higher the percentage, the lower the MAP score) MONKEY BUSINESS/STOCK.ADOBE.COM