School Business Affairs May 2020

20 MAY 2020 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS Get Out and About We are more likely to tap into our inner potential when we are open to new activities, new ways of thinking, and new ways of doing. We learn as we listen to and respect diverse views and opinions; grapple with new concepts, theories, notions, or suspicions; and talk them out, even in the early stages. We also learn by doing, by exposing ourselves to new skills and experiences that open our imagination and add to our capabilities. We sometimes don’t know what we really know and think until we talk it through with others; we can learn by ourselves, but we learn much more when we interact. A calmed state of mind is one open to creating new possibilities. Be Organized Clearing our desk, our house, and our life promotes innovation and creativity. A cluttered space, like an over- flowing calendar, simply leads to confusion, mistakes, frustration, wasted time, and diminished focus. It is time to rethink the red tape and time-consuming procedures we impose on ourselves and others. Connect with Nature The natural world is calming and enlightening. Taking the time to appreciate the wonderful world we live in and the other species with whom we share the planet feeds the soul, reduces stress, and promotes a sense of well-being and peace of mind. A calmed state of mind is one open to creating new possibilities. Learn from Children Letting go of inhibitions and being joyful are qualities we can learn best from children. They naturally think outside the box and let go of worries and cares. Grati- tude, optimism, and laughter are good foundations on which to build positive, constructive ideas. In education, we can learn by observing our students more often! Sleep on It Waking refreshed sounds like a commonsense goal, but many of us fail to get sufficient deep, restful sleep. We know it is much harder to be innovative if we are tired and lethargic, so healthy sleeping habits are important. A healthy body creates a healthier, stimulated mind and enhances optimism. The old admonition “sleep on it” has basis. Thoughts are clearer and perspectives more reasoned after a good night’s sleep. Act Now We hear, “Just do it!”Whatever it is doesn’t have to be finished now; it simply needs to get started. Creativity and innovation require action, or they merely remain an idea or a dream. We enhance our own lives and those of others when we put in the effort and act on our ideas. We may not know where those ideas might lead, but we do know that nothing will change if we do nothing. Karen Starr is chair of school development and leadership at Deakin University, Burwood, Victoria, Australia. Email: kstarr@ INDE X OF ADVERT I SERS American Fidelity Assurance Company. back cover Annual Conference & Expo . page 1 ASBO Career Central. page 21 Certified Administrator of School Finance  and Operations (SFO) . page 4 Certificate of Excellence Awards . page 27 Equitable. page 30 Pinnacle Awards . inside back cover Global School Business Network . page 15 Pathway to the MBA . page 3 School Business Minute . page 32 School Outfitters . inside front cover Rowman & Littlefield/ASBO books . page 39 Webinars. page 37 LJUPCO SMOKOVSKI/STOCK.ADOBE.COM