School Business Affairs May 2020

Learn more about Lynn Buch’s school business story at We believe our individual members and the connections they form are the strength of ASBO International. MEET THE MEMBER Get to Know Lynn Buch, SFO Chief School Finance Officer Homewood City Schools Homewood, Alabama “Work hard but enjoy life when the opportunity lends itself!” “Without ASBO International I never would have been able to serve on the SFO Certification Commission and work with the Commission staff and members. Please get your SFO certification and seek professional development opportunities throughout your career!” “Membership in ASBO International is a great source of networking with school business leaders from across the globe with outstanding professional development opportunities available. School Business Daily is a great resource as well.” “We are fortunate to have city leaders, businesses, organizations, and parents who are involved and support our school system. The city provides a penny sales tax to the Homewood School System to help ensure we are able to accomplish our mission of educating and empowering all students to maximize their unique potential.” Fun school business fact: Alabama’s fiscal year ends September 30. With a background in computer science and accounting, Lynn Buch transitioned from an accounting software company that services Alabama public schools to a county public school board of education. She then served in several roles in school districts prior to becoming chief school financial officer.