School Business Affairs June 2020 SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS | JUNE 2020 25 EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES A s emails, texts, phone calls, and remote con- ferencing replace a lot of face-to-face com- munications, businesses and organizations can leverage the benefits of these commu- nication tools, but they may also face some significant challenges. Face-to-face workplace meetings are prone to be “time wasters” and are often viewed as being ineffective. Con- necting remotely and videoconferencing have the poten- tial to be even more unproductive. Because communication standards and values cross all messaging platforms, the principles of authentic conversation and meaningful interactions are just as important, if not more so, with these types of communi- cation tools. Here are some practical tips for holding a meeting remotely. (Most of these principles are applicable to onsite [in-person] meetings as well.) Make Sure Attendees Are “Present” Being present means focusing on the meeting agenda, actively listening, and appropriately participating with- out being distracted by professional or personal issues. Remote Conferencing: Challenges and Opportunities Working from home presents a variety of challenges, including how to ensure remote conferences are productive. Here are some hints. By Stan H. Wisler ANDREY POPOV/STOCK.ADOBE.COM