School Business Affairs July-August 2020

30 JULY/AUGUST 2020 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS districts and providing students every opportunity to be the best that they can be. One cannot be exemplary if only half your heart is in the cause. I am all in on ASBO International and at the provincial and state level. Along with passion one needs the willingness to act, to be supportive and to lead by example. ASBOI promotes member engagement and involvement, in fact our associ- ation is built on the sharing of our vast experiences and knowledge through serving on committees, writing for the SBA, presenting at ACE and actively participating in the many learning opportunities. I have been able to act and participate in these ways and have grown so much for it. I will continue to actively be involved as a board member giving back to the association that has provided me so much. Finally, I believe an exemplary board member is one who is prepared, participates, actively listens and is will- ing to put aside personal agendas for the greater good of the organization. Being a part of a large association board requires members to actively participate and sometimes that means listening first and being under- stood second. My last three years as an international guest of the board has been so enlightening. I have been in awe of the talent, experience, passion and dedica- tion of each board member through those years. I am humbled to be a part of such an extraordinary group of school business leaders and I am excited to continue to bring my “Eh” game as a board member. Question 3: What are some of the lessons learned during the past 12 months that SBOs should consider as they look to the future? I am not sure when this question was devised i.e. pre COVID19, but these past three months have felt like 12 surely and the lessons learned are plentiful for all SBO’s. In no particular order: The power of one individual can change the world completely. The person who consumed a bat had no idea the world would come to a stop because of that action. SBO’s should consider that they have the power to change the world as well; through our leadership and knowledge, we provide the best to students, so they may be ready to change the world. The real heroes are the essential workers, everyday people who toil behind the scenes. SBO’s can celebrate that our roles and those of our teams of custodians, food service providers, repair people, drivers, payroll etc. are the very foundation that keeps the system running. Let us recognize our heroes regularly into the future. We are all in this together. It takes all of us, a collec- tive worldwide effort to combat the pandemic. Let us not forget that as SBO’s we are all in this together, it is what our great association is about. A community of leaders coming together to build each other up for the benefit of our children, community, and country. The lessons of appreciation and gratitude, as we slow down during this time, I hope we have realized what really is important in our lives. That perhaps family and friends may have been taking a back seat to some things not quite as important. I hope our SBO’s learn that our relationships are number one and that we will not take them for granted as we move forward into the future. PROPOSED BYLAWS CHANGES ASBO International members are being asked to vote on the recommended bylaws changes. You will be asked to answer “yes” or “no” to the question: “Do you approve of the changes to the ASBO International Bylaws?” Proposed additions to the bylaws are underlined; deletions are crossed out. ASBO INTERNATIONAL Bylaws 2020 Amendment Recommendations Article I — Organization Section 1. Name. The name of this organization is the Association of School Business Officials International. Section 2. Emblem and Seal. The Board of Directors of the Association shall regulate the use of the Emblem and the Official Seal. Section 3. Affiliations. The Board of Directors of the Association shall establish a policy setting forth the criteria to be used as a basis for other organiza- tions to affiliate or disaffiliate with the Association. b. The Executive Director shall administer the policy governing affiliation. Section 4. Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of the Association shall begin on the first day of April and end on the last day of March in each year. Section 5. Audits and Financial Reports. The Executive Director, as Treasurer, shall render such financial reports as directed by the Board. a. bThe Board shall appoint a CPA firm to audit the financial records of the Association. b. cThe Executive DirectorBoard shall publish the auditor’s annual financial statement summary for the membership.