School Business Affairs July-August 2020

Learn more about Martin Romine’s school business story at We believe our individual members and the connections they form are the strength of ASBO International. MEET THE MEMBER Get to Know Martin Romine Director of Finance Zuni Public School District Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico “Federal and state legislators need to know what is going on in your district, what you expect and need. They should know you and you should know them. Be willing to speak up.” “Reach out and find someone who can mentor you who is willing to share battle stories, successes, and failures and answer questions. Never be afraid to ask questions.” ZPSD is a small district serving the Pueblo of Zuni reservation. Economic difficulties present learning challenges and distance learning has been especially difficult . Internet is either not affordable or not available in much of the community. Serves on ASBO International’s Legislative Advisory Committee. “We get requests for opinions and guidance, whether or not to support policy changes. I’ve learned so much I would not have known.” With his superintendent and representatives of nearby school districts, worked with state legislators and a federal delegation to challenge New Mexico’s funding formula . They had been able to take credit for 75% of federal impact aid to the reservation to reduce the state’s obligation, leaving no flexibility for funding new construction or improvements. The state was not allowed to take credit for impact aid this year.