School Business Affairs September 2020

Learn more about Janita Williams’ school business story at We believe our individual members and the connections they form are the strength of ASBO International. MEET THE MEMBER Get to Know Janita Williams Budget Manager Detroit Service Learning Academy Detroit, Michigan On the current health crisis: “Be sensitive to how coworkers and subordinates are viewing or experiencing the situation. Acknowledge that they may not feel safe even if you do. Address everyone’s concerns, even if they are not concerns for you. ” “ Remember you don’t have to do this alone. The Global School Business Network is a great resource for everyday questions from accounting to vendors to templates. It will connect you to people who are going through the same thing, with the same staff, departments, money issues, and building issues. Being connected opens you up to creative solutions.” A child who “liked organizing things,” Williams began her career in accounting and auditing, but felt called to the nonprofit environment. Developed a cash flow and spending review plan to cut her district’s deficit by $1 million AND pay back an $800,000 state anticipation note in one year. “I’m so thankful that my district invests in my professional development. Taking a historical character and examining how they approach leadership was very helpful and applies to my own job right now. The Eagle Institute taught me that a crisis is an opportunity to display our leadership skills and make a change for the better.” Holds quarterly budget review meetings with administrators and encourages principals and department heads to collaborate on spending.