School Business Affairs October 2020

42 OCTOBER 2020 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS KOSTIANTYN/STOCK.ADOBE.COM FROM THE FIELD Recognizing those who aren’t always in the spotlight. And the Oscar Goes to . . . By Cindy M. Reilmann, CPA, SFO I f you have watched the Oscars or any other celebrity awards show, you prob- ably noticed that the winners have a difficult time acknowledging all the indi- viduals they are grateful to during the lim- ited time given for their acceptance speech. During the celebration time of our full cabinet Zoom meeting one day, I found myself in a similar situation. How on earth could I individually thank all the people who have worked so hard to help Francis Howell School District and its stu- dents accomplish so much during the past few months? Now more than ever, we have relied on our village to get us through these challenging days. We all know that it takes a village to edu- cate our students. But we also know that we don’t just educate them. We also transport them, feed them, support them, provide them with guidance and information, and so much more. Our village is all-encompassing and it takes many people to make our dis- trict successful. Now more than ever, we have relied on our village to get us through these challeng- ing days. Face-to-face education came to an abrupt stop. Job-related income came into question. We had to figure out how to transition to telework. And it took everyone to help determine what education would look like for our students. From coast to coast, school districts attacked this challenge head on and in many ways. So many individuals in the education environment across the country stepped up to help students and their families, and all of them deserve acknowledgment. None of us went into education for the money or the recognition. We do what we do because we have a passion for it or we feel that we are serving the greater good by preparing future generations for the world we live in. Thankfully, we have a network of professionals whom we can rely on for guidance. Regardless of the situation our districts face, many people are in the boat rowing to get us where we need to go. I hazard a guess that at no other time have we reached out and relied on our net- works to support us to this extent regard- ing information, processes, protocols, and resources. We are not in this alone and we do not do this alone. So no matter where you find yourself, please take the time to reach out and give a huge thank-you to those working in your school district to keep some semblance of normalcy and routine for your students and their families. Cindy Reilmann is director of finance for Francis Howell School District in St. Charles, Missouri. Email: Twitter: @cmreilmann