School Business Affairs October 2020 SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS | OCTOBER 2020 5 “ L ife’s most persistent and urgent ques- tion is: What are you doing for oth- ers?”This quote by Martin Luther King Jr., should resonate with all of us during these challenging times. Amid a global pandemic, wildfires, hur- ricanes, political and civil unrest, an upended education system, and the myriad other adver- sities each of us faces every day, we must make a conscious effort to pause, reflect, and think about how we can be of service to others. As we’ve heard and reiterated countless times since March, we are in this together. During the past few months we’ve seen the heroes in our districts delivering meals to students, stretching limited funding in order to cover millions of dollars in unanticipated costs, learning overnight how to master distance teaching and learning, and continuing to main- tain our facilities even when students and staff members are no longer in class. There is no better time than now to make a difference in our communities, our school dis- tricts, and in our profession. As we make our way through 2020 and beyond, I encourage you to consider serving the profession by volunteering with ASBO International. The association provides a variety of volunteer opportunities, including serving on committees, presenting at confer- ences, presenting webinars, writing for School Business Affairs , and sharing resources on the Global School Business Network. Opportunity to Serve and Lead I hope one of the opportunities you consider is running for a position on the ASBO Inter- national Board of Directors. Wondering if you are “board material”? You are if you: • Are committed to sharing your time and expertise to promote the mission of the association and make the association and the profession stronger. • Have experience, expertise, and ideas that would benefit the association and the profession. • Are enthusiastic, willing to advocate for the association and its members, and focused on getting the work done. Does that describe you? I hope so, because you are one step closer to guiding the associa- tion and the profession to new heights! Are you eligible to be a board candidate? You are if you meet these three criteria: • Have been or currently qualify as a Profes- sional member for at least five of the past seven years. • Have attended at least three of the last six annual conferences. • Are willing to comply with the election rules and regulations, which are outlined in detail in the Election Manual on the ASBO International website. To determine your eligibility, please review the Election Manual or contact Angie Tombul ( . The next step is to submit your candidate materials to the chair of the ASBO Interna- tional Election Committee by January 4, 2021. Detailed information and forms are located on the ASBO International website (https:// board-election-rules) Board members are elected by the members in the fall and take office on January 1; they serve three-year terms. Want to make an impact at the highest level of leadership and service? Become a candidate for a position on the ASBO International Board of Directors. The benefits are immeasurable for you, the association, and the profession. In Service to Others By Claire Hertz, CSBA, SFO president’s message Claire Hertz, CSBA, SFO Deputy Superintendent, Business &Operations Portland (Oregon) Public Schools Tom Wohlleber, CSRM Immediate Past President Marvin Dereef Jr., SFO Director through 2020 Bill Sutter, SFO Director through 2020 2020 Board of Directors Ed Chabal Vice President David Ginsberg Director through 2022 Susan Harkin, SFO Director through 2021 Ryan Stechschulte Director through 2022 John Hutchison, CPA, SFO Director through 2021 David J. Lewis Executive Director