School Business Affairs November 2020 SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS | NOVEMBER 2020 23 FOCUS ON WELLNESS Physical Fitness, Health, and SBOs What’s the state of SBOs’ health and fitness? This Illinois school business official did some research. By Patrick McDermott, Ed.D., SFO S chool business officials (SBOs) are an integral part of a school district’s leadership team, and maintaining their performance at the highest level possible is as important for them as it is for private-sector executives. Physically fit SBOs perform better as leaders and, therefore, are more productive. Although the impact of physical fitness on health and wellness and its implications of lifestyle have been studied extensively in the private sector, no stud- ies were available on the impact of physical fitness on school business officials. Consequently, I surveyed SBOs in Illinois to explore the purported relationships between health and fitness, executive function, and job performance. Based on their responses, I concluded the following. T he research data for this study were collected using a 46-question survey that included both original questions and three com- mercially available survey instrument questions. The survey was distributed to the known school business officials in Illinois. Data were compiled from the results submitted by the 205 school business officials who completed the survey. For a more in-depth look at the research and the conclusions, visit THE STUDY AFRICA STUDIO/STOCK.ADOBE.COM