School Business Affairs November 2020

Learn more about Louise Lynch’s school business story at We believe our individual members and the connections they form are the strength of ASBO International. MEET THE MEMBER Get to Know Louise Lynch Assistant Superintendent for Business Goshen, NY “I think we should step out of our comfort zones and know how to work our gadgets. Ultimately, automation gives us more time to focus on what benefits kids.” Attributes her career progress to her problem- solving nature: “I’ve always liked looking down the road for problems to avoid or solve.” Set up an automated system for tracking spending and submitting grant applications for federal assistance due to COVID-19. Changed the structure of some account codes to be able to identify money spent on services, equipment, and contracts that would not have been part of a “normal” school year. “The only real teaching I’ve done is as a ski instructor, but even there I learned that people learn in different ways, so I try to work with everyone individually.” “The Global School Business Network help us tap into knowledge from across the states and beyond, especially when there are hot topics. Even with not having an in-person conference this year, I’m not seeing people fall apart and isolate, because we have this vehicle and know we can reach each other wherever.” Dressed as Wonder Woman at an ASBO International Annual Conference & Expo event in 2013. “Now when I face problems I remind myself that school business professionals really are action heroes. A lot of people see us as financial analysts, but there’s so much more to it. We bring truth, restore balance, and create good boundaries.” “We all do so much better in our everyday living if we take care of ourselves. Sometimes you have to walk away and recover a little bit. When you’re skiing, you don’t think about difficult negotiations. You’re skiing.”