School Business Affairs January 2021

14 JANUARY 2021 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS HOT TOPICS IN EDUCATION Our Missing Students: What Are the Implications? How school business administrators can support the millions of students who face the greatest barriers to an education. By Bonnie O’Keefe, Hailly T.N. Korman, and Matt Repka O ne of the most devastating impacts of COVID-19 has been on children. Consider this: For approximately 3 million of the most educationally marginalized students in the United States, March might have been the last time they experienced any formal education—virtual or in-person. With case counts rising in the final months of 2020, there still is not a clear end in sight for remote learning in many communities. Stories from across the country illustrate pieces of this crisis: • In Los Angeles, 15–20% of English learners, students in foster care, students with disabilities, and homeless students didn’t access any of the district’s online edu- cational materials from March through May. • In Miami-Dade County, Florida, 16,000 fewer stu- dents enrolled this fall compared with last year— approximately a 5% drop. • In Connecticut, more than 5,000 students who opted for remote school this fall had yet to log into a single class by November. ALEXKICH/STOCK.ADOBE.COM