School Business Affairs January 2021

22 JANUARY 2021 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS HOT TOPICS IN EDUCATION Budgeting in Times of Uncertainty Budgeting in uncertain times boils down to meeting increased demand and deterring increased stress. By Stan H. Wisler B udgeting in times of uncertainty? From a budgeting standpoint, when (you may ask) have times ever been certain? Well, good point. However, right now, things are much more uncertain than ever before. Budgeting poses many questions with a wide array of answers with varying ramifications. Questions relative to your 2021-2022 budget include: • How many students will we have next year? • Will we operate both virtual and in-person instruction? • How many teachers will retire? • Will we need to implement additional supports for students whose learning gap has widened? • What will happen to our medical insurance rates because of the pandemic? • What kind of enhanced cleaning procedures will we have to implement on a permanent basis? You get the picture—you live it every day. So how should school business leaders deal with this uncertainty and what does it mean to us on a daily basis? The heightened uncertainty essentially boils down to two major impacts: increased demand and increased stress. One consequence of the increased uncertainty is increased demand—demands on our time, our technical skills, and our people skills. Doing what we you always done is just not going to cut it. BULLRUN/STOCK.ADOBE.COM