School Business Affairs January 2021

26 JANUARY 2021 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS HOT TOPICS IN EDUCATION New Year, New Administration: Reopening Schools Safely An overview of health and education priorities from the Biden-Harris transition team. By Elleka Yost Note: At the time of publication, media outlets projected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be the president-elect and vice president-elect; however, Congress had yet to count and certify the electoral votes to make the results official. W hile it certainly is important for school business leaders to know what the incom- ing administration has planned for K-12 education, it would be a disservice to launch into such a discussion without recognizing the importance of the president-elect’s strategy for address- ing COVID-19. It is difficult to decouple health and education priori- ties when the pandemic is driving everything. After all, how can we safely reopen schools, restart the economy, get back to work, and adjust to a new way of working, living, and interacting if we do not address the very fac- tor that has turned our entire world upside-down? Biden’s Roadmap to Reopening Schools Safely Fortunately, guesswork is not necessary to understand what the Biden administration has in mind for reopening schools in light of the pandemic. The Biden-Harris tran- sition team published a five-step roadmap that addresses this issue, accessible at 1. Get the virus under control. EGGEEGGJIEW/STOCK.ADOBE.COM