School Business Affairs February 2021

publisher’s message 6 FEBRUARY 2021 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS SPOTLIGHT ON ANCILLARY The Oxford Dictionary defines “ancil- lary” as providing necessary support to the primary activities of an orga- nization. In school districts, ancillary services have kept our communities up and running, our children and families fed, and schools the center of their communities. During the past several months, I have had the oppor- tunity to participate on calls with school business manag- ers from around the world, including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and the United States. The topics range from the coronavirus to civil unrest, but the common theme is what we can do to sup- port our students and staff. Throughout 2020, the spot- light was on school districts’ ancillary services. At HQ—well, from our home offices, basements, and kitchen tables—we have marveled at your creativity, energy, and core drive as you’ve continued to provide essential services to your communities and their children. This issue of School Business Affairs highlights just a handful of those essential ancillary services. In the area of food services, School Nutrition Associa- tion President Reginald Ross shares insights about the financial toll COVID-19 has taken on school nutrition programs and district budgets. Editorial Advisory Committee member Cindy Reil- mann, along with Elizabeth Barrett, shares the details of Francis Howell School District’s So Happy app, which promotes healthy choices and fosters excellent communi- cation between families and their schools. Turning to facilities, Alicia Culver of the Responsible Purchasing Network provides guidelines for a safe re- opening (and continued operation) of schools through green cleaning practices. In addition, David Sturtz and Mary Filardo, who work in the areas of facilities and educational planning, provide guidelines for effective long-term facility planning. Former school business offi- cial Richard Weeks covers what we need to consider in building sustainable schools. Is marijuana legal in your state? Attorney Brianne Dunn shares best practices related to employee rights. Be sure to read about Jimmy Hay’s Serving Our Stu- dents program, for which Jimmy was awarded the 2020 Pinnacle of Excellence Award. Our departments this month cover the benefits of posi- tive thinking, the decision-making process, vaping, and the FMLA. Also, we introduce Julie Cink, the execu- tive director of business services at Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools in Prior Lake, Minnesota, in our member spotlight. — Siobhán McMahon, CAE Colophon: During production of this issue, Siobhan found a treasure trove of old photos in a misplaced bin, Pat finally chose a paint color for her office, and Laura placed her first seed order of the new year. School Business Afairs February 2021 | Volume 87, Number 1 SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS (ISSN 0036-651X) is the professional journal of the Association of School Business Officials International and is published monthly by the association. Periodical postage paid at Herndon, Virginia, and additional mailing of­fces. Postmaster: Send address corrections to School Business Affairs , 44790 Maynard Square, Suite 200, Ashburn, VA 20147; 703.478.0405 2021 BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT — Ed Chabal VICE PRESIDENT — Bill Sutter, SFO IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT — Claire Hertz, CSBA, SFO DIRECTORS Susan Harkin, SFO John Hutchison, CPA, MBA, SFO David Ginsberg Ryan Stechschulte Wanda Erb Aubrey Kirkpatrick EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR — David J. Lewis PUBLICATIONS POLICY The materials published in each issue represent the ideas, beliefs, or opinions of those who write them and are not necessarily the views or policies of the Association of School Business Officials International. Material that appears in School Business Affairs may not be reproduced in any manner without written permission. EDITORIAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE CHAIR — Paul Bobek, CPA VICE CHAIR — Cindy Reilmann, CPA, SFO Louis J. Pepe, MBA, RSBA, SFO Leslie Peterson, MBA, SFO Brenda Burkett, CPA, CSBA, SFO Tamara Mitchell Robert Saul BOARD LIAISON — Bill Sutter EDITORIAL STAFF PUBLICATIONS DIRECTOR — Siobhán McMahon, CAE EDITOR — Patricia George DESIGN — Laura Carter Carter Publishing Studio EDITORIAL OFFICES 44790 Maynard Square, Suite 200, Ashburn, VA 20147 Phone: 703.478.0405 Fax: 703.478.0205 Home Page: Email: ADVERTISING INFORMATION The YGS Group 3650 W. Market St., York, PA 17404 Phone: 717.430.2351 • Fax: 717.825.2171 Laura Gaenzle SUBSCRIPTION RATE Seventy dollars of ASBO members’ annual dues are designated for School Business Affairs subscription. © 2021, ASBO International